A Thoughtful Gift for a Loved One

Did you know you can purchase any of the three plans (15/30 weeks or lifetime access) as a gift on a special occasion? Follow the instructions below to complete your order

Send an Email With the Details Required (Checklist) to etjenglish@gmail.com

I will create the gift card myself and completely tailor it to match your requests. It will be sent to you as a PNG image with the coupon code included. When I send it to you, I will ask for the payment before activating the code. Each gift card comes with a second image, which has a welcome message from me and instructions on how to get started. Send your email to

  • Name of who you are buying the course for

  • Which plan? 15 weeks, 30 weeks or lifetime access?

  • What is the occasion? Birthday? Christmas?

  • Any extra details you would like me to include in the gift card or attached letter