The British Pronunciation Programme

Speak Clearly and Confidently With Master Pronunciation Teacher: ETJ English

Learn how to speak like a real native from the South of England, with professional video lessons about the stuff you wish you were taught in school. You'll learn top-secret tips and techniques to make your accent clear, understandable and elegant, like a real British speaker! You will also learn some useful expressions, vocabulary and phrasal verbs along the way!

 Find out how you can break the rules with pronunciation and language to sound more natural; Not like an actor!

Detailed video lessons, from an experienced teacher:

How the mouth works
Vowels, Diphthongs, Consonants
Connected Speech
Accent tips (Glottal /t/, Dark /l/ etc.) 
Useful phrasal verbs, vocabulary, and expressions

With a virtual whiteboard, HD video lessons, PDF files, audio/image downloads and my personal help on Skype, you will learn how to pronounce all of the sounds in British English. You will also learn how to connect all of your speech,  with the right stress and tone. 

It's not just about the pronunciation! You'll receive some extremely valuable vocabulary and expressions to help you with your new pronunciation skills.

After a few lessons, you will see life-changing results.

Don't forget about the private Facebook group! Just you, me and all the other members of the course!

See the prices below. 

Elliott Giles
Elliott Giles
Pronunciation / Accent Coach and Owner of ETJ English

A British pronunciation/accent coach from the South of England.

I have been teaching pronunciation on Skype and YouTube since 2013. With my specialism and experience in linguistics, I have helped many English learners improve their spoken English skills. Whether you need a better pronunciation for your job, your friends, or even just because you love British English, I am the man to help you with achieving a confident, clear and cool British accent! 

What's in the Course?

55 Videos
1 Text
57 Audios

Pay Monthly

  • All of the course content & Facebook group
  • Lifetime access after all 12 payments are completed
  • 2 Free Skype lessons
  • Email contact/feedback

£29.70 (per month)


16 Weeks' Access

  • All of the course content & Facebook for 16 Weeks
  • 1 free Skype lesson
  • Email contact/feedback
  • For people who want to learn a few important things 



Lifetime Access

  • All of the course content & Facebook forever
  • Take your time with the course
  • Access to any new videos added to the course
  • 2 Free Skype lessons
  • Email contact/feedback



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